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Afton Town Court

Afton Town Court Update regarding Covid-19

ALL Court users and visitors are REQUIRED to wear a mask in the court facility. Be prepared to have your temperature taken and answer screening questions prior to entering the court facility.
We are currently at a 50% capacity, please be patient.

Court Sessions are Tuesdays at 10 am for scheduled court cases. District Attorney and Public Defender days are the first and third Tuesdays at 10 am. The court observes all holidays and will be closed, case will be re-scheduled by the court.

Clerk hours are Fridays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Phone Number: 607-639-2505
Fax Number: 607-639-1617
Address: 204B County Road 39, Afton, NY 13730
District Attorney: 607-337-1745
Public Defender: 607-337-1870

Questions and answers

  • Answering a Vehicle and Traffic Ticket infraction:
    • Please read the entire ticket, complete the right side of the ticket (or back side if this is a handwritten ticket).
    • Make a copy for your own record and either mail or drop off the original at the court in the black drop/mailbox labeled COURT in the parking area.
    • Once received by the court and processed you will either receive a packet of information or your fine/surcharge amount by mail.
    • If you have a misdemeanor traffic ticket (such as DWI, Aggravated Unlicensed or Registration Suspension), you must appear in court on the date given.
  • Answering a Suspension or pending suspension:
    • Fail to Answer Suspension: You must answer the ticket in writing or in person with the court. Once a plea has been received, the court will notify you of the next step. If you previously entered a plea of Not Guilty and you failed to complete the necessary steps with the District Attorney's office, you can either contact the District Attorney to complete the process or you can change your plea in writing to the court.
  • Method of Payments:
    • You can mail a bank certified check or money order to the court. DO NOT send cash in the mail.
    • You can pay in person with a bank certified check, cash exact amount or money order. Please make payable to The Afton Town Court. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED and NO phone payments accepted by the court.
    • You may also pay with a credit or debit card on www.paycourtonline.com or by calling 888-912-1541. You must have your ticket number for this process, which is located on the fine due notice provided by the court. This is a third-party payment center and they do charge a small service fee. You CANNOT use this method to simply answer a suspension for failure to appear.
  • Small Claims:
    • Small Claim cases can be filed at the court in person.
    • The respondent MUST live in the Town of Afton.
    • The amount of the filing can NOT exceed $3,000.
    • You may also file Small Claims at the Norwich City Court if the respondent lives or works in Chenango County. When filed at the City Court the filed amount cannot exceed $5,000. The City Court also handles civil and commercial claims.
  • Summary Proceeding (evictions):
    • Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, warrants of eviction will NOT be issued on any new filing until further notice. Filing are now being accepted , but under the Tenant Relief Act of 2020, tenants cannot be evicted if they can prove they are financially unable to pay rent or find another place.
  • Legal Advice:
    • PLEASE DO NOT call our Town Clerk, she is unable to assist in court matters.
    • You may find more information by visiting the NYCOURTS website at WWW.NYCOURTS.GOV